Aug 25, 2011

But There's No High School In This: High School Musical 2 DVD Crossover Review

Mitch is out of town this week and as such he's asked me, Alex from Cinema Won, to review something special for his blog. And what's more special than High School Musical 2. A lot, but on with the review.

INTRODUCTION: High School Musical 2 is the sequel to the Disney Channel film that taught kids to follow their dreams. The sequel stars Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, Corbin Bleu and Lucas Grabeel. It follow Troy as he starts to grow apart from his friends while work at a country club during the summer.

THE MOVIE: Really, when it comes to a musical, the most important thing is, of course, the writing. But the music also helps. And thankfully, the best part of the movie is the music. While, yes, most of them are for kids and they all sound alike, they are well sung and fun. The acting is also pretty top-notch for a Disney Channel film. Most of the preformers are having fun, so, logically, you should too.
    But, unfortunately, you're not. Because, like I said eariler, the most important part of any movie is the writing. The dialouge comes off as often forced and just lame, using hip slang that hasn't been in use since the 90s. Also, while the story was fun enough to support a wide variety of conscepts, the one the film eventually chooses is just, well, mean. Troy's friends all start to hate him because he takes a better job then them and starts to look toward college. And the film takes the friends' side! That's right, the guy trying to be well paid and well taught is EVIL! The film justifies this by having Troy do down right despicible things like, actually doing his job and going to play basketball to impress some people from the college. But the most vile and evil thing he does is... HE RETURNS HIS CHEESEBURGER BECAUSE THERE WAS NO CHEESE ON IT!!! HE"S THE NEXT HITLER!!! RUN!!! (Yes, that actually happened.)

THE DVD: The DVD it's self might make up for the feature being lame right? Incorrect, actually. The best extra is the short blooper reel, witch is actually kind of funny. The other extras don't fair better. The big advertised extra was a never-before seen musical number. The number is memorable, however, since it's added into the movie to make it "Extended" it's really should count as an extra.
    The largest extra is a surprising extensive look at the rehursals for the musical number. While they are neat, it's like watching the storyboard on an animated film. It cool for a little while, but, in the end, you're just watching an unfinished version of something you've already seen.
    The extras are rounded out but a kereoke version of the movie AND the ability to watch the musical numbers of the film seperately from the movie. Could we just put the subtitles on and call it a night?

THE VERDICT: Overall, High School Musical 2 has some fun music, a good cast and a nice premise. However, a messy and truely awful message for kids (Don't do something if your friends don't like it) make the film an unfortunate failure. The DVDs extra are also lame, as main are just dressed up stuff taken from the movie. In the end, High School Musical 2 gets a 3 out of 6.

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  1. Alex, I read your blog often and I have to say you got good stuff, however reviewing high school musical definately lost you some respect in my opinion, you should really be reviewing bigger block buster movies that let people like me know whether or not I should order them on Netflix . I can understand that you are helping out your friend but really high school musical, I honestly thought you were joking, reviewing a movie that wasn't even in theaters and was aimed at 6-10year old girls I give this review a disgraceful, OH GOD MY EYES!