Sep 27, 2011

When Blue-men Fly: Megamind

Megamind. The hilariously-immature supervillian. There's really nothing else to him.
Megamind originally was a much older movie, spoofing much Superman elemants such as Metrocity for Metropolis and Metroman for Superman. However, Megamind certaintly isn't a Lex Luther.
The story begins exactly the same as Superman, only this time, Metroman isn't the only baby sent into space, Megamind has come to play. So basically in an act of dickiness, Metroman sends Megamind into a prison, where he would be raised by inmates, whereways Metroman will be raised by rich people. Where are child services? You just can`t leave a baby in a prison because the prisoners found him! What are they going to do, say he was theirs? Yes, this prison FULL OF MEN had a baby secretly. Sorry, but unless you're Lady Gaga, that's not possible.
So the rest of Megamind's childhood involves everybody being a dick to him, him trying to fight back, and him getting in trouble for it, while Metroman gets all the glory.
This breeds a fierce rivalry in which Megamind transforms into a Doofensmirtz, only slightly smarter, and a local reporter names Roxanne Richy plays the oft-kidnapped damsel that seems to get caught up in the madness every time. Guess who's the subject of today's feud? No, it's a rock.
So bla bla kidnapping, bla bla saving, bla bla METRO MAN IS DEAD! Yeah, turns out Copper is his Kryptonite, and it turns his powers off, so when Megamind made him explode he died, and no one watching this movie cares. Really, I actually looked forward to this point because in fact he is a dull character. Megamind is so much more lively, and with his fish friend minion, Will Ferell's best villain is just plain amusing, if not hilarious.
However, it does get annoying. Watching this movie, I continually started getting drawn into the Superman storyline, but when I did, it seemed as if the movie just said No right in my face, which lead to many annoyances throughout the film.
So, let's sum up the rest of the picture. Megamind get's bored, takes Richie's cameraman Hal and makes him a hero named Titan, disguises himself as a nerd named Bernard, and gets his secret blown and loses Minion, then Titan goes after Richie and gets rejected, teaching kids that no matter what you do, even if you get superpowers, the woman of your dreams will never love you. Ouch.
So then, guess what? Megamind blows his cover again with Titan, and Titan tries to kill him, naturally. Shocked, they have a battle, Megamind loses, the Mayor thanks Titan, which he graciously accepts by flicking him into a wall. Megamind goes back to his school, where just like Superman, Metroman is still alive, but is in hiding as "Music Man". Despite the fact that everybody he knows and loves is in danger, Metroman turns them down,and Megamind rises to the occasion by returning to jail, which he escapes the next day.
Megamind comes back, kicks ass, abd Titan loses, just like that policeman in Jumanji, and by the day is donem they all have a pointless dance scene at the end of the movie to Bad by Michael Jackson.
This is a good movie, don't get me wrong, but with all the emotional turmoil and all, and Megamind's positive attitude torwards it, it just seems like Will Ferell impersonating a villain than actually being one, which he is doing, I appreciate the Superman Spoofing, but honestly I don't think it wad necessary for a full-length movie. The plot twists are nice and unexpected, and the movie deserved more than just the 3 months we seemed to pay attention to it.

Final Score: B+

Sep 21, 2011

My Most Anticipated Nintendo Games

Seeing that there have recently been a lot of Nintendo games (at least for Nintendo Consoles) coming up, I decided I'll show my favorites based off of the trailers. Didn't see Arkum City? That's because there's no trailer as of this posting time.

Super Mario 3D Land- Mario Galaxy basically without the galaxy. Graphics are updated and return of the fox-pajamas.

Mario Kart 7- two words FLYING CARS.

Professor Layton and the Last Specter- Although I haven't played the games, I was drawn into the Full Metal Alchemist-like cut scenes and puzzles, combined with a Sherlock Homey type atmosphere. Oh, and it's not for 3DS, it's for DS.

Zelda and the Skyward Sword- Do I even need to explain this?

Kirby's Return to Dreamland- the graphic strong Kirby I've always dreamed of.

Metal Gear Solid- Snake on Wii U. Self-explanetory.

Spider-man: Edge of Time- Graphics impressive on XBox. Spider-man fighting high-def badies. Spider-man 2099 coming and saving him. Oh, and it's for Wii.

Starfox 64 3D- it fims your opponents reactions as you kill them. Why wouldn't you want that?

Luigi's Mansion 2- Great game that unfortunately has to wait for the Wii to die to see a sequel in Wii U.

Golden Sun 4- although not officially announced, we all know this is coming. You can't just end a franchise with "Thr End.....?". Impressed with Dark Dawn, the 3DS-bound title will look even impressive.

So those are my games. Did I miss any? What's your most anticipated games? Tell me! Oh, and although I know this won't be as good, I'm still looking forward to that new Spyro game. What's it called? Skylancers? Skyward Dancers? Sky Crashers? Anyways, I'll be playing it.

Sep 18, 2011

A Whipping Good Time: Lego Indiana Jones 2 Review.

When Lego decided to make the first Indiana Jones game in the Lego format, they took a huge risk by including the original trilogy, knowing Crystal Skull would come out very shortly afterwards, perhaps in hopes that this new Indy will spawn an entirely new trilogy like Star Wars before it. But when Crystal Skull turned out to be a bomb, and with plenty of CS sets selling, Lego was thrust into the uncomfortable position of having to make a game based off of one movie only, and that movie wasn't even THAT good, but still better than some.
However, Lego decided not to go in alone, and smartly included scenes and levels from the previous 3 movies not included in The Original Adventures game. New to this game also is a builder mode similiar to Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4. Scattered across the game are bonus levels, also reminiscent of Harry Potter, but most only become accessible after beating the main game. Heck, even the whole layout (you get to go wherever you want and YOU have to find where you're supposed to go) is very Lego Potter-like. And yes, the split-screen two player is exactly the same as Potter.
Improved from Lego Indy 1 is the cut scenes, which although long actually feels a little bit like a movie, as cut-scenes are supposed to. The chase scenes are perhaps the best part of this game, and are massively fun due to the awesome stunts you can pull off. The glitches seem to all be resolved, as I have yet to encounter one, and the whole "figure out how to move on" thing has gotten easier.
The save points, however, are terrible. Usually, I have to play through an ENTIRE MOVIE to SAVE. What? The old format was too hard!?
Now, let me get to the movies. Temple of Doom, Raiders of the Lost Arc, and The Last Crusade all get one block, er, box, while Crystal Skull gets cut into 3 or 4 parts. Remember, the other 3 movies are consisted of deleted levels and bosses (some I doubt where in the movies), but somehow, they feel like complete movies, even though I know they aren't. I just can't explain it, you'll have to play to know. Crystal Skull is ok, too...
Lego Indiana Jones 2 is definately an improvement over the original. It's not the Bionicle Video Games Series with XBox level-graphics that I want, but it's certaintly not a dud.

Final Score: A-

Sep 17, 2011

Bionicle Story Part 4

Ghoe was far up in the heavens when the stranfe multicolored creatures caught his eye. One red, one green, one black, one brown. All around them milled smaller multicolored creatures- the matoran. The taller ones resembled toa- his sworn enemies for now, and he even was tempted to dive down and destroy a handful of them, until in mid-dive, a glint of silver on the black one's chest gave way to a torrent of memories.
He knew this toa.
Engulfing himself in sinister black mist, Ghoe smiled. Then he laughed.
"Revenge at last, my dear Straughteny. So you've survived Makuta's little purge, but I garantee you won't survive this."
Racing away like a jet, carrying crucial news back to Spirax, Dark Toa Ghoe unleashed a lightning strike of black energy, which collided right with Straughteny's chest.
Not caring about the outcome right now, Ghoe continued on his journey, a quite uneventful one over the tundra, until he reached Spirax's little cave. Occupying it where strange multicolored warriors that could've taken the head of a skadki and eaten it raw. By the time he landed though, it appeared the discussion was almost done.
"The Legion of Death, don't forget that" said a menacing warrior with a bright bare skull for a head, with rows and rows of teeth. He gave Ghoe a look that told him he might very well be his next meal, then disappeared into thin air, as if he'd never been.
"Who where they? And what's this 'Legion of Death'?" Ghoe asks like an overprotective mother.
Ignoring the question completely, Spirax asks with gleaming eyes,"What did you find?"
Ghoe spits out the word like one would a rotten apple peal, "Toa".
Spirax considers this for a moment.
"We must start an attack immediately. We must leave no toa alive. They're too virtuous and could be a fatal mistake".
Ghoe smiles, "They'res something else I want to tell you..."

To Be Continued......

Sep 2, 2011

The Winner is... Isaac!

You voted and it turns out Isaac conqueres the Freeman! Hooray! Long Live the Golden Sun! I mean, the man does have just about no downside.... Agree? Disagree? Tell me!