Oct 31, 2011

Something Truely Scary: MAD Tv Show review.

Mad Magazine. It's funny, profane, and funny. Did I mention it is funny? However, take Mad Kids, which takes away some of the profanity and thus some of the humor, condense it into a 30-minuter kids show with spoofs that have characters that don't sound anything at all like the characters they are spoofing, and you have Mad, the TV show.

Now, many of you might remember the show on Comedy Central titled Madtv, but don't worry, this show isn't as half as decent as what I've heard of Madtv. No, this is on Cartoon Network, where quality is scarce and everything is gross. This is Mad.
So before I get twelve trillion complaints, no, I haven't seen Madtv, but I have read Mad Magazine, and yes I know even in the Magazine, there are still a whole lot of unfunny, gross jokes, but however there are a lot of funny spoofs as well. Mad the TV show however, centers on the grossness and although there are its share of spoofs I like, the main show just seems to fall flat.
I liked at first their spoofs of iCarly and CSI by making CSiCarly, for example, but really two factors bring it down: the grossness and just the style of animation. It really in this case looks too much like a comic book (It was produced by DC, after all), which is fine in Mad Magazine, but to transition it over to a kid's show just seems awkward and uneeded, even lazy. This was escpecially the case in this episode with Carly and Sam having huge overexaggerated heads that have no place in the spoof and just makes the spoof seems a little awkward. Also, this is present in their Glee spoof, however that spoof is devoid of comedy. Why? Because apparently kids are too stupid to get any funny Glee jokes because as we all know, it's the hardcore 30 year old croud that watches Glee, right?
Now let's get to the little side things. Anybody who has ever read an issue of Mad knows in the margins there are little cartoons that add to the comic by adding something extra to read. However, in the show they mainly are, you guessed it, gross and distracting. They really seem to have no purpose but to fill in gaps where Cartoon Network couldn't sell commercial space because nobody seems to want their product placed next to this monstrosity. Except for Barbie. And Lego. And of course the Lego rip-offs (Playmobile, you are fooling no one!).
Another big part of the magazine is the false products/rejected characters section, and here I group them together because for the most part, they both suck. Now, don't get me wrong, I actually liked like their segment on the Beiber Bowl (which apparently is how Justin Bieber and others get their hair in that dome-shaped fashion), but their other products like the "Taylor Swiffer" (a broom that looks TOO much like Taylor Swift) and their "Wolverclean" (Wolverine with cleaning utensils instead of claws), quite frankly I just find offensive and lame, for these kind of things basically only work if who you're making fun of is lame. The rejected characters get much the same treatment, although here each segment I'm sort of split, I like half of their characters, and hate the rest.
Finally, the last element on this snowy halloween (don't ask) is what I like to call their "Photoshop Spoofs". I call them this mainly because they look as if someone has made the animation in Photoshop (and maybe they did!), to try to simulate in some cases Magazine clippings. For those of you who read Entertainment Weekly, it's exactly like when at the beggining of an article they sometimes have an exaggerated photoshop image of a celebrity, plus animation and sometimes bad writing. Again, these spoofs typically mash up movies like Twigh School Musical (HIGH School Musical + Twighlight, because two boring and annoying movies MUST be hilarious together, right?), but also include solo spoofs like their spoof of Avatar, which sucks (the spoof not the movie!). Again, I am split because these spoofs can bear fruit the same as the rest, but here it's mostly downhill, especially for the double spoofs, which where made and/or:
A. The writers ran out of creativity, so they figured, well hey two sucky spoofs are better than one!

B. They ran out of room for spoofs of both movies in the magazine, and doubt there will be room next season (ANOTHER Season? Ha! DC, you have very cruel minds).

So that was Mad in a nutshell. For the most part, yes Mad sucks, but however there are several redeeming qualities, like when they ACTUALLY make something funny. The only segments that don't have anything funny or redeeming are the trabsition "filler" segments, but those aren't usually more than 20 seconds long. The show isn't exactly shit, and even the bad spoofs have a joke or two that actually is clever, or at least thought out to an extent. As far as spoofs go, I've seen suckier ones that only someone Mad could like, that or vampires.
Happy Halloween!

Final Score: C+ (Just to be nice for Christmas, I mean Halloween)

Oct 30, 2011

Ice Age 4

Ten years after Blue Sky Studio's groundbreaking debut movie, Ice Age, On July 13, Continental Drift is supposed to be released, directed by Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier, the fourth installment has Manny, Sid, and Diego separated from each other due to the apparently super-fast moving continental drift, either that or Manny, Sid, and Diego are immortal. And to escape this, they make a ship...out of ice. How original (it's ICE AGE after all. So the fourth installment will be a seafaring adventure of epic proportions, or a wet failure to our beloved cold trilogy. Let's just hope the world ends before this movie can screw up.

Oct 24, 2011

Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7: What happened to Secrecy?

Well, next month the sequel to 1-4 (see review on my blog) is coming out (in Europe), and really I'm surprised how much of this game has been leaked. Like its predecessor, it will have players following arrows to reach the next room, and will also feature unlockable characters such as Arthur Weasely and others. Just look up Lego HP Years 5-7, and you'll see just how much stuff has been leaked. Wow! Just look here:

Professor SlughornEdit

Summary: Find Professor Slughorn in his house, and convince him to come back to Hogwarts.

Characters: Harry Potter (Casual), Albus Dumbledore (Casual), Professor Slughorn (disguised gown)

Unlockable Character Tokens: Harry Potter (Casual), Albus Dumbledore (Casual), Professor Slughorn (Disguised Gown)

Places: Mysterious Neighborhood, Mysterious House

Level Type: Puzzle

THIS IS RIGHT FROM THE SITE! How do they know that! There's even screen shots! Look:

What? Did they get it from the Trailer (which I have not yet found) or did they steal a prototype of the game? Or is this from Years 1-4? Was this game already released and TT games was just lying to us? How do people know all this????

Well, whatever the explanation, I have a feeling that Years 5-7 will be a very... interesting game.

Oct 23, 2011

Inheritance Book 4 is.... Inheritance.

Yes people, it appears Christopher Paolini has run out of ideas and Book 4 of the Inheritance Cycle is simply titled Inheritance. Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance. Just seems to stick out. I'll still be buying the book this november, but really? Come on, that's like calling Terminator 5 just "Terminator" or Star Wars Episode 11 "Star Wars" or Super Mario Bros. 26 "Super Mario Bros." If I where you, I would've just stuck with Empire, as many of your fans have been urging you to do. Come on, Chris, after your failed movie, you're lucky Eragon is still in people's bookshelves, so don't abuse it.

Oct 21, 2011

3 Things Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters should do.

Well, guess what? This year, sequels are just popping out of people's heads, heck, even Fred got one, and everybody's favorite little screw up, Percy Jackson just so happened to get one. I would like to say, I actually liked this movie, but being a reader of the books, I am still a little ticked at how little the Lightning Thief movie resembles the book. Nevertheless, I will tell you things I expect from Sea of Monsters.

1. Cast people who actually look like the characters! Seriously, how'd you look at:
And get:

Just, wow, no comparison.

Oct 20, 2011

Real Snakes Wear Pink: Metal Gear Solid 3DS Trailer

Metal Gear Solid 3DS. Just rolls off the tongue just like some heavenly ice-cream cone. All I have to say is @#$% Yeah!!! This is Solid Snake on DS! I mean, wow, first we get him in Brawl and now this! Awesome.

So, let's just get to the Trailer, seeing as that's all I can do with this game for now. Now, many of you may see this is for 3DS, and might fear that the 3DS's new technologies might mess up Snake like it did Splinter Cell before it.
Rest in peace, brother. However, by the time Snake comes out, it will be a whole YEAR after that, and that gives Snake's developers plenty of time to work on the controls, and honestly, from what I've seen, it looks pretty darn good. It implements the motion controls when needed and does jump at the graphics, although honestly they do look a little downgraded from his Brawl appearance.
Oh, and there's this little commodity: You can change the color of snake's uniform by taking a picture of random things. So, yeah, you could have a yellow snake, a blue snake, an orange snake, and any other messed up colors your little mind can imagine.

Wow that looks nice.
Anyways, bottom line is, there is potential to go wrong, but I doubt Snake will let you down. Buy this game, but keep the receipt in case of emergency.

Live-Action Bakugan Movie: What did we do Wrong, People?

Why why why why? Why did they decide to make this little train wreck to be? Bakugan.com has said that Stuber Pictures and Spinmaster Ltd. will make a movie, a live action one nonetheless, on everybody's favorite transforming balls. Well, it can't be THAT bad, after all they did land Harald Zwert as a director from The Karate Kid (2010), and hey why wouldn't a guy who has brought us the joy of "jacket off" make transforming balls weird? Well, hey, why not? It's not like this Bakugan was ever weird to begin with. Except for this guy.

I still don't get what those round princess things on his arms are.

Oct 18, 2011

The Hidden Trailer

This game just seems like another DSi game. The problem, though, is that the DSi is dead. The problem with the DSi, was and still is, that it's unnecessary. Yes, the camera and editing options are nice, but they're never enough to sustain a whole game. That, and the fact that you can play new games on a regular old DS, so like the Lite, there is really no need to buy it.

But I have to admit there where some cool curiosities from the DSi, and this game seems like one of them. The whole game reminds me of the Flying Dutchmen level from Drawn to Life: Spongebob Squarepants Edition, with one catch: it takes place wherever you want. It takes full advantage of the 3DS's camera, as there are no levels made here, just whatever it's filming services as the background. A curious commodity for sure, I would definately take caution in buying this game at full price, for small gimmicks like this almost never support a full game.

Oct 17, 2011

Purple with Disdain: Skylanders Trailer

Right now we all have been exposed to the multiple Skylanders
commercials and merchandise, and also many of us have seen the new
trailer, as have I. Now, I haven’t reviewed many trailers at all, but
here’s what’s going to happen: I watch it and basically tell you my
first impressions. So, without further to do, let’s plunge into the
Skylanders trailer on the Nintendo Channel.

Apparently, there is a mystical place called the Skylands, guarded by
the mighty Spyro and his companions whose names are basically
variations of Rock Smash and Boulder Pummel, but one day some evil
lord that look like some character out of Tak and the power of JuJu

comes out and transforms them into toys, and banishes them to earth.
But the Skylanders have not been defeated yet, for they are still
alive! Somehow, through some mystical shit, children can awaken their
secret power to save the world!

Now, I know I probably just told you everything that happened in the
trailer, but I think that maybe 1/25th of you have Wiis, and probably
1/3rd of you have no idea the Nintendo Channel even exists, so there
are chances you haven’t seen it. Now, let’s get to my concerns and
hopes for this.

My most basic concern is Spyro. He is the reason I will play this
game, and they screwed him up! He barely looks like Spyro! God! If
they just stuck to his Dawn of the dragon look, he’d be fine!

Yeah, that’s better.

The graphics for what I’ve seen, are actually pretty nice for a Wii
game, seeming to have Super Mario Galaxy level graphics. The only
other concern is the villain, who I don’t find menacing at all.
My hope is this game can overcome its awkward Spyro, and hopefully out
kickass Dawn of the Dragon. That’s really all I want. Make Spyro
better. Improve on the series. You’re fourteen games in, this isn’t
the time to suck. Other than that, when all this Skylanders thing is
over, I hope the franchise returns to mainstream Spyro games, with all
of the awesome cast including Cinder, Ignitus, Volteer, and whatever
new villain might lurk around the corner. If you’re a fan of Spyro, I
say give it a shot, maybe first wait a couple weeks until some poor
shmuck reviews it, then buy it or not, but I feel like the Spyro
franchise has already proven itself to be a worthy contender for your
money, and I feel like Sierra knows better than to completely screw up
everybody’s favorite purple dragon.


Oct 9, 2011

A Non- Chapmaniac, Pony related Review

                                                            csimadmax's pic

         Hello, I am Liam Lonergan (aka. youglyface), part time blogger, full time brony.
          I will be doing a review for you today.

          And I'll try to stay impartial (no promises).
          Click on title for full review

                My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is a very good show. And not just good for My Little Pony either, it’s objectively good. The characters at first glance don’t seem to be too special but as the series goes on you see a lot of time and effort was put into making likeable, believable characters that you feel for. The music, from background to official, full-scale musical numbers was genuinely worked hard on and shows, along with the animation. The stories aren’t just the same run-of-the-mill child’s storylines and were really thought about to be the best they could be. The only problem I can see is that sometimes concepts that need to be used for the story are “dumbed down” for younger audiences, which at times can be a little obvious
 It’s really a credit to the team that they didn’t just make another 20 minute commercial like all the others and really put effort into it. Not having seen much of the other generations, I can’t well compare them, but according to the opposition bronies get I am assuming they are as bad as they seem. If you watch the show going into it with an open mind, sort of “forget” it’s My Little Pony then you will probably find that you will enjoy it. Remember, the main reason someone says it’s stupid and doesn’t like it is because they haven’t seen it yet.
          Also, Fluttershy is best pony.

Oct 5, 2011

Bionicle Story Part 5

It was a dark and stormy day in the arctic village. Clouds hovered menacingly over the gates, and the character inside even more menacing.
With fear, rage, and anger, Ghoe lunged for the village below, jet pack spewing cold, dark clouds. His destination: Toa Straughteny's head

Spirax slithered into the cold, dark pool and whipped forward like a boomerang. His victim was merely twenty feet below him. With hands of steel, he grasped the wriggling red, white and blue Firestone Seal, who vastly populated the arctic.
The seal struggled, even tried to use his powerful fire attack that stung like fireflyer stings, but Spirax's own iron grip did not waver, in fact it tightened. The Firestone Seal stopped struggling as Spirax shot to the surface, and the seal's lithe form filled up with a fraction of Spirax's darkness.
On dry land, Spirax stuttered, slipped, while the creature was undergoing its transformation. When Spirax got up, a very different creature stood before him.
Although appearance was the same, its eyes gleamed with hate, and its newly-aquired shadow seemed to seep out of its being.
"You will gather others of your kind and spread our little...blessing. Once infected, you shall meet me at the matoran village fo its...,dismantlitation. Go."
With that, the Seal dove underneath the waves, and Spirax shot a huge burst of energy seemingly at the water, and broke the ice.
After minutes of patience, Spirax got what he wanted. A huge, shadowy creature emerged from the ice, and Spirax climbed on to begin the conquest....

As the sky darkened, fear spread through the village. Standing strong, the Toa Eshtann stood together, weapons pointed in the air to receive the onslaught, and to combat the darkness....

To Be Continued....

Oct 4, 2011

Count my spelling errors!

As you may know, I don't have AutoCorrect so as a result, my posts have suffered quality-wise due to countless spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. What I ask is you, the readers to just how many times I screwed up, and if I go back and your number is the closest, you'll get something, maybe a shout out, maybe I'll review whatever you want for a week, I don't know, I haven't decided yet. Post it (the number) as a Comment. Thank you.

Oct 3, 2011

On Live-Action Star Wars

So, it's been six years since the Live-Action Star Wars series has been anounced, last May 50 episodes have been written, and casting has begun. Many of you are probably rolling your eyes and saying "God, more Star Wars?", but to be truthful I'm really excited. Here's why.
I grew up with Star Wars episodes 1-3, and loved them, got into the action figures and books, and got increasingly drawn into the characters, especially. If you read the books, you would know there's at least 40-50 memorable, creative characters throughout the prequel series, but the problem is they get precious little screen time. So, when they msde a three or four pary animated series in 2006, I was thrilled, and ever-memorable characters like Asajj Ventress where born, and already existing characters like Master Tiin, Shaak Ti, General Grievous, Commander Cody, and Mace Windu where developed further, whom of which I all love. It was big, it wad great, it was flashy, and it was... four parts.

Oct 2, 2011

Extreme Couponers

If you're like me, then you probably only watch TLC for Cake Boss, however, TLC has other shows as well, many that however, turned out worse than John and Kate Plus Eight, but I'm not going to talk about one of those shows. Today, we'll look at Extreme Couponers.
Extreme Couponers is a show that appeared over the Summer that tells the story of people that overcoupon, whether by financial troubles or the allure of free stuff. These people, whatever the case, spend waaaaayyyyyyy too much time on the manufacturer websites, which when combined with Sunday Paper coupons and discounts, can make huge purchases cost basically nothing. In one episode, this guy gets sic cartloads of stuff for Free!