Feb 27, 2012

Predator (The original) Review

     Predator. It only seems to look good with "Aliens Vs." in front of it. Or does it? Let's dig down into Arnold Schwartzenneger's best and worst movies, back from the 1980s. This is Predator.
For those of you who don't know what Predator is other than the movies, Predator is also a very successful comic title, and is known for crossing over with just about any big comic name in the industry, from Batman to Judge Dredd. But everyone has to have a begging and so does Predator, so to launch this franchise I think it's safe to assume Predator was pretty darn good. Let's see.

Batman: Under The Red Hood Review

    So yes, finally I have seen Batman: Under The Red Hood. Longtime DC
fans will remember the original Red Hood as the Joker before he became
the Joker in the Joker's original origin story that The Dark Night
proved to now be bullshit. However, years later yet another Red Hood
posing as the original shows up at Gotham. But I'm getting ahead of

Feb 19, 2012

On Television Won

Yes, today Alex made yet another blog, televisionwon.blogspot.com, now making our blogs a quartet, or just maintaning the tri-force. As many of you may have noticed, Jake's blog, Moviesplosion, has frozen due to his commitments and time management, and as his reviews will still be available, I wouldn't expect anything soon from him. But hopefully he will come back in the future. Meanwhile we have a new member blog in our alliance! Welcome Television Won, or as I like to call it, All The Shows you didn't watch last night! But seriously, Alex one suggestion: At least review some shows by the season in one big review (like Lonerghan did with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), that way you get to give a full, legit review and say all that you have to say without revealing key plotpoints and inform the public about these shows that only 3 people watch because they're on at three in three in the morning. Yes, it'll take some extra worth, but it'll be worth it.

Come on! Where's MY spin-off blog? I got it! The Undefined TV-Watcher!
What about the Undefined Critic?
Yes! Look out! The world is going to get a whole lot more... Undefined

(PS: If you actually bought the whole Undefined Critic thing, well, get help. Lots of it.)

Feb 15, 2012

That Unamazing Amazing Spider-man trailer

So as I'm not finished with the games I promised you (Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Face Raiders, Lego Star Wars III) and have not gotten a chance to rewatch Batman: Under the Red Hood for you, I decided to take a look at the Spider-man reboot. And man, has this confused me on all sorts of levels.

Feb 13, 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Trailer

A couple years ago Marvel decided to release a little old movie called Ghost Rider about a.... satanic superhero? Really? No pentograms?
But let's get to business. Now, the sequel I honestly didn't see coming (much like the Percy Jackson sequel), looks pretty darn good so far.

Feb 9, 2012

Top Seven Nintendo Games of 2011

So many of you may know most critics made their top 10 Lists at the beggining of January, but as I have not yet had a full year of reviews under my belt, I have been hesitant to make this list due to my inexperience. Why top 7? Well, as Nintendo sure seems to need luck, why not have lucky number 7?Now, although I may not have much experience with XBox or Playstation, I know a hell of a lot about Nintendo games. Now, what qualifies for a Nintendo game? Well,  for me it has to be made on a Nintendo Console, not that that will matter for third-party games (they usually suck anyways). Well, here is the top ten games of last year.

1. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword-

Pretty obvious why this is on the list, Skyward sword not only presents the classic Zelda formula but provide new twists, including the ability to make a room return to its past or future. Simply an excellent game, with many clever puzzles and intense battles, Skyward Sword Simply deserves to be #1.

2. Pokemon Black/White-

Although questionable pokemon designs and the lack of a 3DS release do not appeal to me, this game 1Ups all the others by basically combining Pokeom elements with those foundin Final Fantasy. Product: An epic pokemon game that is worthy of the #2 spot.

3. Mario Kart 7-

Although the Mario Kart Series basically stayed the same, that isn't necessarily a bad thing (see review). The 3D is superb, the items are superb, and the overall enjoyability is superb. Just go out and buy this!

Feb 6, 2012

Best and Worst of Super Bowl XVI

Now despite the fact that I'm majorly dissapointed by the Patriots in the Super Bowl (mostly from Aaron Hernandez) I have to admit, the Super Bowl did offer a good game, a good halftime show (despite performer showing the middle finger), and good commercials. So, let's dig into Super Bowl XVI.

The Game-
As I've said before, majorly dissapointed by the Pats. The young defense seems like it had the jitters for half the game, and came back at the precise wrong time. Brady finally settled down just too late, and when he did, well people started dropping the ball. But still it was a very entertaining game, right to the very end. Just don't talk to Robert Kraft at all.

The halftime show featured Madonna and (of course) was over the top and featured just about every popular musician on the radio including MIA (who flipped off America), Cee Lo Green, LMFAO, Nikki Minaj, and others. It actually was very creative despite its criticism, mixing all of Madonna's hits together along with her many costarts in a single theme against war, starting at the begining with Roman warriors and ending with everybody in quire outfits (because we ALL know the quire represents world peace)

Feb 5, 2012

Cinema Won Crossover: "Prom" Review

    Long time readers of The Undefined Gamer, back when he was The Video Gamaniac, will know me as Alex from Cinema Won. I have written a few posts here before, including a review of High School Musical 2, and The Chapmaniac has written a few posts for me too. Be sure to check out my blog, Cinema Won, for more movie and television related news.
    Have you every heard of a movie that sounded so bad, so idiotic, that you just now it's going to be horrible? Then the trailer comes out and it starts to look even worse? A movie so predictable that you have it all figured out before the movie even is released? A movie that you dread the idea of even looking at the DVD box art? Have you ever watched one of those movies, and then have it be good? Nope, neither have I. This is Prom.

Feb 2, 2012

Captain America 2

      Marvel has announced that a Captain America sequel is in the works. This time everybody's favorite Anti-Camouflage Supersoldier will be warped to more modern times. Other than that Chris Evans