Feb 5, 2012

Cinema Won Crossover: "Prom" Review

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    Have you every heard of a movie that sounded so bad, so idiotic, that you just now it's going to be horrible? Then the trailer comes out and it starts to look even worse? A movie so predictable that you have it all figured out before the movie even is released? A movie that you dread the idea of even looking at the DVD box art? Have you ever watched one of those movies, and then have it be good? Nope, neither have I. This is Prom.

    Normally, this is the part of the review where I say what the movie is about and who's in it, but since this is an ensemble movie with ten or so different plotlines, I'll just go through each one individually. The main plotline follows Nova the Overachiever (Aimee Teegarden), who has been planning the senior Prom for several weeks now. However, when the prom decorations burn down with only three weeks left till Prom, she is forced to work with Jesse the Bad Boy (Thomas McDonell). This main plotline is showcase the best and worst of the movie. Teegarden and McDonell as easily the film's best actors, but their story is also the most cliched and predictable.
    Lloyd the Invisible (Nicholas Braun) is tasked with leading the "funny" plotline, as he is the senior geek who never made himself known during high school and now faces the consequences by being forced to using increasingly elaborate means to get a date. The plotline does have it's moments of genuine humor, however, Braun is no real comedic talent, going through his plotline trying to act like Jon Heder from Napoleon Dynamite, but ending up just sound bored with his own story.

Apparently, asking a person to Prom = Marriage proposal.
    The most oddly complex of the plotlines is Lucas the Sophomore (Nolan Sotillo) and Simone the Other Sophomore (Danielle Campbell) which oddly enough has it's own sub-plots. Lucas is abandoning Corey the Best Friend (Cameron Monaghan) in order to go after Simone. Simone on the other hand is dealing with Tyler the Douchebag (De'Vaughn Nixon) who she inadvertently helped cheat on his girlfriend Jordan the Bland (Kylie Bunbury). This storyline is the weakest of the group. Lucas and Corey are annoying, talking about nothing but bands and music. Tyler is so obviously a arrogant prick, it's hard to see anyone liking him. and the entire storyline is undercut by the film's weakest acting, specifically from Sotillo and Campbell.
    Yet another storyline follows Mei and Justin the Forever Couple (Yin Chang and Jared Kusnitz), who have been dating for the last 5 years and seemingly are ready to spend the rest of their lives together... until Mei learns she been accepted to her dream college far away from where Justin's going. Out of all the plotlines, this one is the most disappointing, with real, honest problems being put on display, and instead of an adult answer to the problem, Disney magic is just sprinkle over it and every turns out all right.

The milkshakes may very well have more personality
than the two leads
    The films biggest problem doesn't stem from the only decent acting or the predictable plot. No, for the most part, the film's biggest problem is that for as many storylines as it has, the film just does not have enough going on. Clocking in at almost a hour and fifty minutes long, the film could have had a whole half-hour cut with no ill-effects. The plotlines almost never intersect in the film's runtime. In fact, the only time a storyline crossed over was when Lucas and Lloyd talk together an hour and fifteen minutes in.  And the scene is only two minutes long. Even when all of the characters go to Prom, no storylines ever really connect.
    On the other hand though, the film is just so... harmless. The isn't whole lot going on, but it is watchable. The cast is decent, the film has it's moments and the whole movie is actually pretty sweet and sincere. By the time the characters get to Prom, you are a little bit invested with them and you can't help but smile.
    Prom is overall not as bad as it could have been. The cast is fine, the movie's mildly entertaining and it does have it's moments. However, the movie feels like an actual Prom. It's fine while it happens, but it's not going to be anything you'll truly remember after it's over. On top of the, it's overlong and overstuffed with plotlines and characters. Prom get a 3 out of 6.


  1. oh, so Mars Needs Moms is worse than Prom?

  2. Yes. It really is.