May 27, 2012

Cinema Won Crossover: "Men in Black: The Series" Review

    Hello Undefined Gamer readers! It's Alex from Cinema Won. And I'm here to crossover once again to talk to you about something very special. Did you know that there was an animated TV series based off of the Men In Black movies? Well, neither did I, but Target remembered and in honor of Men in Black 3, they released the entire first season of the show on DVD. And I watched it. So, this is Men in Black: The Series!

May 21, 2012

Inception Review

    I'm pretty sure I'm the last person to see this movie. Why? Well, it's sorta Super Mario Galaxy crossed with the twighlight zone with sprinkles of Back to the Future. This movie has it all. Action, deception, paradox, imagination, violence, everything you can name save romance and porn.

May 19, 2012

Batman: The Brave And The Bold The Videogame Review

   Hey remember Batman The Animated Series? Well this isn't that. Go cry uncontrollably NOW, because if you watched the pile of shit associated with this video game up above, you have good reason to. This is a game  dedicated to a crappy show. So one might say it's safe to assume it's shit, right? Dive into your batcostumes and cheap plastic Batarangs and find out.

Legend Of Korra Episode 7 Thoughts: Assami Kicks Some Ass!

    Finally! The conclusion to the stupid love triangle! And no, as many of you who might be mislead by the picture above, it doesn't end the way you think it ends!
   Let's not waste any more time! let's head in to this mess!
   The episode starts with rising suspicion that Mr. Sato, the guy who sponsored the Fire Ferrets and who is also Assami, Mako's love interest's father, is supporting the Equalists. This all starts when Korra overhears him on the telephone. And just as it would have it, once they raid his mansion, they find nothing. But as we already used up our filler episode back in like episode 5 or so, and this is a miniseries, something dramatic obviously must happen. No filler for you. Go home. The action is about to begin!

May 15, 2012

Ant-Man Movie

      It has been announced that Edgar Wright is set to direct an action film for one of the absent members of the Avengers and eventually to include him in the next Avengers. Now, being that Ant Man was one of the founding members of the Avengers in the comics, this may be kind of awkward to destroy any continuity with the comics just to add him as a newbie, but hey we're getting build-up for the next Avengers movie. Boo-rah/

May 12, 2012

Amon Powns Everything; Legend Of Korra Episode 6 Thoughts

    So after an uninteresting love triangle, we find our heroes facing off the Pricky former Champions in the Tournamnet. But wait, Amon suddenly gives a f*ck abour sports! He commands over the radio (idk, maybe he hacked it), that they had better shut down the Pro Bending matches or.... bad things will happen. Oooh what is he going to do? Take off his shy guy mask?

May 10, 2012

The Quest For Karn Book Review

     I told you that these would return. So anyways today I will talk about a little book named Magic The Gathering: The Quest For Karn. Those with weak constitutions will most likely faint while reading this book. Let's dive into the awesome horrors of Magic!

Pokemon Grey Version Expectations

       We all knew this was coming. With Pokemon Black and White getting rave reviews unfortunately it was inedivable that another adventure in the Unova Region was in store for us Bet what the hell did they do to the new legendary?
Being that the new version is rumored to be pokemon Grey Version (unfortunately I learned most people don't know hoe to spell Grey based off of the fake cover art), It will be a combination of Black and White version with a little extra added in there, sort of like this generation's equivallent of Pokemon Platinum version. Only here they have attempted to also merge Black and White's legendaries into one big epic legendary, but honestly it just comes out as something they decided to throw into a blender. Pokemon is running out of pokemon designs. What else can I say.

May 5, 2012

Legend of Korra Episode 5 Thoughts: Finally some filler episodes!

    Viewers from last week will remember how this series was in quite a rush to get their main story arc off the ground, leaving all us Avatar starved fans essentially biting off more than we could process. I mean, come on, didn't they learn from the holocaust that you don't feed starving people who are about to collapse due to malnutrition steak, or they'll keel over. I mean, come on, doesn't everybody remember this: