Jul 21, 2012

Star Trek: Fist Contact Short review

     Any of you who may know me will know I've always been hesitant about the Star Trek series as a whole. I don't know, whether by the fans or by the chessieness of the original show, I just never got into it because it seemed like a "Nerd" show.

Hooray for Hiatus!

Hello all those Undefined Gamer readers, as many of you may have noticed for the last 24 days this Blog has been in a state of hiatus. Why? Well I just got tired out doing reviews and needed some time to relax, kick back, and ignore my Summer Reading assignments. But the reviews will return. Just not right now. Now I'm focusing mainly on my Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/user/thechapmaniac4) and taking time to focus on producing my upcoming series, Origins of the Shadows, a sequel series to my first breakout series, Pointless Bionicle Deathmatch. Be sure to check it out.

However as regular reviews go back into hiatus, other content will not. I will launch a new series of posts called "This is F**king Stupid" where you'll see me rant on about whats wrong with the world and all that yadda yadda yadda.

Have a nice summer you guys and I will get back ta ya later