Jul 21, 2012

Star Trek: Fist Contact Short review

     Any of you who may know me will know I've always been hesitant about the Star Trek series as a whole. I don't know, whether by the fans or by the chessieness of the original show, I just never got into it because it seemed like a "Nerd" show.

    Well two days ago my curiosity got the better of me and I just had to see why something that looked sooo lame had such a big fanbase. And the rest is history.
Oh don't worry. We're only gonna die.

     Star Trek: First Contact is simply a clever, action packed 90s movie. Seeing as this is a Next Generation film, Jean-Luc Picard is commander of the Enterprise right now, played by the same actor who plays everyone's favorite wheelchair-bound professor.
Let's just say they're really good at doing the robot now

    The film is extremely well thought out, not only providing an incredibly creative storyline fraught with emotion (dude, I'd never thought I'd ever see Professor X scream and go berserk), including such elements such as Time travel, savage cyborg slaves, and parasites. And it makes it work. Although at times nerded down by long winded scientific terms to make the movie seem more realistic, the movie more than overcomes this to make memorable characters played by memorable actors (all who notice the actor who plays the White Witch in Narnia gets kibble), and leaving the movie with an overall memorable impression. If you see it on Netflix, check out Star Trek: First Contact. Believe me, t's better than Star Wars: Episode I by a looong shot.


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