Aug 2, 2012

"In Time" Review


    Justin Timberlake. What can I say? Is it just me or do you think of the likes of "Zack Effron" when you hear his name? 
    I don't know what it is but for some reason I got this idea Timberlake was some sort of pretty boy like Effron. You know, like a pussy. Weeeeellll he sure proved me wrong.
    In a world where people have watchs sown into their hands and where the rich live forever and the poor beg for mere minutes of life, Timberlake is thrust into the role of Will Salas, a smart punk who lives in the ghettoe with his mother. But when a drunk rich man who wants to die gives him a hundred years to live, the spotlight suddenly hits Will. Hard.
Quick Sylvia, run! They're trying to cast me for Spy Kids 5!!! Oh the humanity!!
     The storyline is well planned out and the action is good, but however they explain how there is more than enough for everyone to live forever but never explain why they just don't do exactly that. The rich have ridiculous amounts of time on their hands-- literally, and the as they use their life force as currency in this dystopian world, and often the poor find themselves with merely a day to live often, now how they get more I haven;t a clue (in fact Will has had a day for most of his life). If I lived there I'd never let my time get anywhere near that danger level, but yeah it's the ghettoe, so it's not liek these people are genuises.
      However a Pricky Timekeeper (the law enforcement of this world), played by Collins Pennie from Inception, is suspicious of Will and tries to frame him for murder, and seeing as this is an action movie in a corrupt world, Will does in no way come along peacefully. He hooks up with the daughter of the rich Philipe Weis (Vincent Kartheiser), Sylvia (Amanda Seyfield) and from there they embark on a mission to completely fix this corrupted world.
     I still feel kind of bad for the Will character as every time he's about to get it on with Sylvia an annoying villain always popps up. Dude! Timberlake went though a lot of crap in this movie! He at least deserves SOMETHING! I mean even Link from the Legend of Zelda probably gets SOMETHING in between games! Why do you think they call him Link anyways????
Worst Roadtrip Ever
     And yes there are a lot of Time puns, but unlike Spy Kids 4, they actually are very clever and, well, work. Timberlake is actually pretty good at playing the punk and is sort of kickass in this film. I mean really the only thing missing from this that a Shwartzenegger film has is the risky, unrealistic, death defying badass things like punching a shark in the face, but honestly the film doesn't need those. Will is actually developed pretty darn well and proves to be a clever, quick thinking hero in a very believable, thought through world. (and yes there's no time travel in this movie. Sorry). Even Sylvia holds her ground despite being the at first wimsy female lead. It surely is a thought provoking film and both entertains and leaves you with something to think about. In Time, in my opinion, is ceratintly one of the better films of 2011, and surely is more than worth a watch.


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