Aug 2, 2012

Pokemon White Version Review


    Remember when Nintendo actually gave a shit about Pokemon? Yeah, surprising, there actually was a time when they did. It was like three years ago. 
     But seriously looking in on this game the one thing I remember about it is how forgetable it is. Granted, the animation and graphics are great, but nothing eye popping, it has its epic moments, but the story is as bland as hell, as are the characters. That's surprising when you have a fucking flaming pig!
I smell bacon

   Honestly there isn't much here that we haven't seen in any other versions. The battle system is exactly the same and is as repetitive as hell. The game still has you forced into endless amounts of battles against your will. I mean yes, granted some fun additions like triple battles are nice, but when you set limitation like having your pokemon in certain positions so they can ONLY fight two of the pokemon in front of you is confusing and really, despite being realistic seeing as if every one of your pokemon could do that, there'd be some crossfire and confusion, this "fix" only makes the triple battle system more confusing and less fun.
     The story-- well there is this organization simpy called team plasma, consisted mainly of white knights (why they didn't simply call them the White Knights in the first place escapes me), led supposedly by a teenage leader known only as "N". And yes you, random reader, are correct. He has a mentally scarring childhood nd a father who doesn't love him. Woop. 
     Anyways they constantly push people to release their pokemon for fear that they'll abuse them... right as they abuse and push their own pokemon to steal other people's pokemon.
     To make matters worse the character design and pokemon design is off (in fact the only character I like is Alder, the champion, who you... never battle due to the fact N defeated him first before you did). This downgrades the enjoyability by a ton. I mean really, halfway through the game I simply just don't give a shit. I put up with the horribly standard and repetitive battle system in Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, and every other version because mainly the evolutions where cool, creative and kickass. There is none of that here. On top of looking rather lame, this new generation of pokemon is also the weakest, and are confusing as heck (you'll never guess what an enemy pokemon's weakness is before it's too late due to misleading names and pokemon design). 
Shitting out a game a year=One happy Nintendo
      Still despite it's flaws, Pokemon White is a good game, and certaintly posts a challenge. It picks up arounf the fifth gym and from there the battles just fly by one after another. The cutscenes are really well done and closely resemble the cinematic quality of the anime, that is the GOOD episodes of the anime, and unlike previous versions, is chock full of enough battles to satisfy your taste buds when you're on a roll, and quickly after beating the game you can catch lv. 60 pokemon in the wild regularly, which just made me drool at first sight. Although it does drop the Pokeathlon and all its minigame madness goodies, the game still stands surpringly strong at the end of the game, and is a challenge that fans of the series will come to love... in time. 


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