Sep 25, 2012

The End Of An Era... And The Beggining of A New One R.I.P. The Undefined Gamer, July 2011-August 2012

    So Now you Undefined Gamer readers of mine might be wondering where's your content? Where have I been for the last two months? Well, announced on Cinema Won, as of last August I have discontinued The Undefined Gamer. I simply cannot keep up posting here, for many reasons.
      But do not cry, beloved ones! I will continue posting content, in another place, at a different schedule. I am prowd to officially announce that The Undefined Gamer has moved 100% to Cinema Won (, where I will provide a weekly post. This blog will stay open so all you crazy kids can view my library of reviews. This is The Undefined Gamer signing off for the last time, with high hopes and excitements for the future. Thank you.